Hello, this is my first post so apologies if I make any errors or faux pas. Really hoping someone can offer insight or understanding during a confusing time.

I am 15 days late for my period. I started spotting the weekend that it was due and that continued for about 9 days. It was mostly brown spotting. On Thursday and the following Saturday, I thought my flow had started (as in, bleeding reached my underwear and I needed a tampon) both mornings only for it to switch off and go back to light brown spotting by the afternoon. Brown spotting tapered off very gradually and has been mixed with EWCM. Some days I've had a lot (more than I typically get when I ovulate). I took an ovulation test as a precaution but it was negative. Today it has been EWCM mixed with school glue and a tiny bit of pink spotting.

All home pregnancy tests have been negative. I'm waiting for blood pregnancy test results (am also getting tested for general fertility issues as I'd made a doctors appointment to discuss TTC before my period went AWOL). I occasionally have sharp pains in my breasts and feel nausea (although I often feel nauseous due to acid reflux issues). Have been tired and cranky - but that's hardly out of the ordinary.

Just wanted to get any insights or thoughts from anyone who may have experienced similar issues. I've never missed a period since being off birth control pills. My cycle isn't super regular. I am usually around 25 days with 5-6 days of spotting before my period but last month I went 27 days and only one day of spotting which I put down to taking B6.