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    I saw some of the footage. It is one of the worst things i have ever seen with my eyes. How the hell those people have not been put behind bars is beyond me. Those poor children having to go through that abuse makes me feel incredibly ill. As a mother i just want to give them a hug.

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    The footage is horrific. I would have said more about it before but I literally cannot "unsee" it and I really wish I could. That's not to say that I want to Turn a blind eye, but that the images have literally caused me psychological pain. I can't even begin to imagine how an 11 year old suffering through years of abuse like that can find the will to live. And as a parent, to see someone's child treated like that, it is devastating, heartbreaking, soul crushing.

    What is worse is the realisation that this happens probably in every single child detention centre in the country, if not the world.

    I don't know what the solution is. Maybe guards in general need constant psychological evaluation and rehabilitation, rotation, reassignment, removal from positions of power for a period of time just long enough to not turn into monsters..?

    There's been various studies and experiments conducted which show that normal people in a guard vs prisoner environment will eventually stop seeing the prisoner as a human being and more like an inanimate object. They can be perfectly empathetic people in the real world but behave in dehumanising ways toward prisoners.

    Then there's the general view that prison and detention is about punishment rather than rehabilitation. This idea needs to change. Individuals who are incarcerated are not going to magically be rehabilitated on their own. They need help, and that means making them more likely to fit in with society once they get out, not treating them like animals or worse, and expecting them not to turn into monsters.


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