Hi ladies,
DP (38y) and I (35y just!), TTC for 6 months, have been given a joint referral by a local GP (we don't have a regular, just go to the local clinic) to a FS - the doc asked us if we have a preference, but we're both new to this so we just asked for "the best". Neither of us have any known issues or concerns (okay, maybe my weight? But I'm not obese, just chubby) and when I ripped open the referral it correctly stated G0P0. So right now, our biggest known issues is our age.

We've been referred to Karen Paice in Melbourne. The first available was in five weeks. Sheesh. Is that a long time?? Anyone have thoughts on Dr Paice (PM, as I don't think we're allowed to discuss, is that right?), or even another recommendation in Melbourne?

And more generally - what should we expect?? The doc didn't order any tests for us through her, as she said they'd just be repeated by the FS. Is that true? I guess DP will get his spermies tested, and then bloods for me? What will they tell us?

Any advice/ support/ ideas very much welcomed. Thanks, in advance!