Hello New Mummies
I am Lana I am 27 I already have a daughter who is 6 years and after many long years and alot of medical problems i have finally gotten pregnant whilst on Metformin . I went this past week on Wednesday and it come back at 6w4days on the scan that i was measuring and if i count back yes that was the day my husband and i did the deed as we had been charting.As I had the scan there was no fetal pole but the sac was at 17mm and there was a yolk sac seen, Please has anybody else had this happen its sending me insane I have had all the pregnancy symptoms some slight cramping an lower back pain NO bleeding at all .

I have just had my HGC levels done on Friday and i'm waiting on the Gyno to call me with results on Tuesday but my GP called the lab an all they could say so far was its greater then 15000 as it wasn't finished . PLEASE if any stories or info would be great . It did say on the scan that a fetal pole should normally be seen at that gestation but i'm loosing all hope i'm just waiting to start bleeding an i'm really scared . I have to wait now for another 2 weeks for a scan which would put me at 9 weeks .Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and Congratulations to you all lots of baby dust your way