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    Ok i'd be telling her far less therefore she asks less questions about your personal business, if she msgs you constantly just ignore them, the more you answer the more she will do it.. *invent a new hobby*, so therefore busy all.the.time.

    Joking aside this didn't stop the lady i was friends with tho., it was normal for me to get up to 5-7 msgs in the middle of the night asking if i can go drinking with her tomorrow or the next day or the next. I stood firm and said sorry nope as its my family time. What bout blocking her on FB? She won't see anything bout you or your profile., just say you're closing your account for a bit.

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    Goodness OP you sound so much like myself and I don't know how you're putting up with all of that!! My friends know that I need my ME TIME and they respect that. That's why we get along so well. I have had to cut many people from my life because I'm not the loud "Life of the party" that they try so hard to get me to be. The world needs introverts and quiet natured people like us just as much as it needs the high energy extroverts.
    I've read through all the comments and it scares me to think that some people see this woman's behaviour as normal and her as a good friend.
    First of all - her reaction after you confronted her and laid your feelings on the table is VERY inconsiderate and rude. You are not boring for not wanting constant dialogue! You not coping with your current stress is not funny at alll! You requested her not to message you and she disrespects you like she has with your previous requests and does it that night? Incredibly inconsiderate. You are entitled to come home from work and spend time with your partner without giving her attention. I also see a certain degree of immaturity in her sitting with baited breath waiting for you to give her attention while you're trying to quietly read your newspaper. She needs to learn that not everything is about her. You are entitled to your own time and space and not everything needs to involve her! People do not want constant updates of her life and she needs to learn this.
    She definitely sounds like a "good in small doses" person and someone that I would not voluntarily associate with. A very full on and high maintenance friendship. Best of luck with your last few months at work and I hope you can survive until your maternity leave kicks in

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    Quote Originally Posted by HillDweller View Post
    I think it's quite interesting how different personalities can show us completely different sides of the same situation. The things most people have said about how they interact with their friends, i.e. @melimum with going to all your BFF's scans and appointments etc are my absolute worst nightmare. It gives me heart palpitations TBH!

    So, what some people find normal, would make some people want to run away. Neither personality is "wrong" but the key seems to be to have friends who are similar to you in personality.

    In another way of looking at it, I think most of us act towards our friends in the way we would want them to act towards us. For example, I would NEVER message someone after their scan. I would message them beforehand saying good luck and I hope everything goes well, but never ever afterwards if they didn't message me first. Because I know that, for me, if something had gone wrong at my scan I wouldn't want to speak to anyone other than DH about it. So I see it as being none of my business, unless they want to make it my business and messaging them constantly, or asking too many questions, as being totally out of line. Now, if that friend is like me, they'll appreciate that, and they'd do the same for me. We'd see it as being respectful of the persons privacy. However, if that person is the opposite to me, I can see how that might be seen as me not caring about what's going on in their life!
    Yes I definitely agree, it's interesting how different we all are!
    I'm actually shocked that OP spoke to her about needing space then the friend messages her 3 times that night! That's full on and would really upset me. I see this as the friend disrespecting OP and ignoring what she said completely. I wonder if the friend didn't understand, didn't get the point or just doesn't care what OP said?

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    She definitely sounds mental. Not to sound judgy but it's kind of annoying the way she pings you the entire day. I'd get it if you haven't seen each other in a week but when you see each other every day, what she does is going to really drive you crazy!


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