Hi everyone , I am a 2nd year student midwife and student nurse at La Trobe University. I am currently looking for pregnant women who would be willing to share their pregnancy journey with me (called a Continuity of Care Experience).

This would involve me attending 4 antenatal appointments with you, your labour and birth (if possible and if you allow me) and also attending two postnatal appointments with you (these all occur at whichever hospital you are booked at).
To qualify as a midwife I must follow many women throughout their pregnancy journey. I have loved being able to be a part of a woman and her family's journey and have had all my previous ladies tell me that it was a fantastic experience to have one consistent person with them at most of their appointments and in the birth suite.

I'm particularly looking for women who are booked at hospitals in the northern/eastern suburbs (eg. Mercy Heidelberg, Northern Hospital, Northpark etc.). But if you are interested and think you live too far away I'm happy to pass on your details to another student at La Trobe who lives out your way.

If you are interested, have any questions or would like more information please comment or email me at ericastudentmidwife@gmail.com xx