Evening ladies. It has been a few months since I've been active on this group as my fiancé and myself have had so much drama happen in our lives we decided to take a step back from actively ttc until things slowed down a little.

However I'm looking for some advice on what is currently happening to me.

My normal cycles are between 23-25 days. Today I am on day 28. All week I've been feeling crappy. Headaches, back aches, tired, slight nausea and sore boobs. However this is not uncommon for me as pre-period symptoms. What is unusual however is that I have been getting unusual discharge for roughly 4 days. It started off as a strange yellow/pinky mucus when I wiped. That happened twice over a day. It has now progressed to a brown discharge. Because I've been at work and have been paranoid AF was going to show full force, I have put a tampon not for the last two days. I would take it out every few hours to check and each time it was just a small amount of browny discharge. I took a pregnancy test today after a friend jumping up and down about me doing it 😂 it came back negative. I have another that I am planning on doing tomorrow morning. But I'm just wanting to know if anyone has experienced this and what the outcome was? Could it be that my body is just taking a long time for AF to come on, or could it be something more? Any advice would be really appreciated!
*baby dust to all*