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    Apologies in advance. I'm tired. This might be a ramble.

    Mostly I give them whatever they need and set the routine aside. But I kinda always have a plan in the back of my mind to get us back on track when they get well. So for example I always go to them when they cry in the night but I almost never bring them out of the room. If i took my son out and cuddled on the couch in front of the tv I would have him screaming to watch tv for weeks after. I always give pain relief, water and a pat if that's all they need but I pick them up and rock and cuddle also if needed. My kids are both REALLY different. My older DS would try to take that and run with it after he got well. DD not so much. So for DS I kinda just only give him what he needs and no more iykwim. If I really felt that he needed me with him all night I would sleep on a mattress on his bedroom floor. I wouldn't bring him into my bed. I'm trying to tell him that I will always meet his needs (physical and emotional) but there are still rules and boundaries at bed time. Some other things I do to help get back on track. Tell him that now he is feeling well that I expect him to sleep all night. I find that telling my kids verbally what I expect from them always helps. I give pain relief before bed for a few nights after sickness symptoms have eased. I make sure the room temp is constant so they dont wake up from being hot/cold. I give them a leakproof water cup in their cot because I find they are super thirsty after illness.
    I also mostly stick to their normal daytime sleep schedule and don't let them sleep all day.
    With all this stuff I have found they they slip back into good nighttime sleeping without having to let them cry. Good luck. X

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    Default Sleep training mummies advice

    Gah @nh2489 so she just finished sleep training again and was sleeping through 10.5 hours (I can't get her close to 12 hours she's WIDE awake by 5am so I put her to bed 6/630) and then last night around 1am she fussed for an hour with no signs of improving so I just tried to cuddle her but got even more upset so I cracked and fed her..... Wasn't interested in her morning feed as a consequence. Now I wonder what tonight will bring.... Super frustrating!!

    Eta: I don't care if it's a once off here or there or just one feed a night but it never is. One feed for a few nights, then two feeds, next thing you know she's back to waking 3 hourly.
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    Oh so sorry to hear that. It's soooo frustrating when you know the tiniest thing will rock the boat whereas other kids sleep like logs regardless! I'm keeping everything crossed for you that she's ok tonight, not sure how my night will be as my little one seems to be continuously ill. Day 3 of high fever and every night for a week now he wakes at about midnight coughing so much he wakes up and I resort to feeding him to try and calm his cough a bit. Just when things are going well illness strikes again! Although I'm not worrying too much as we are moving back to the U.K. in 2 weeks so looking forward to the jet lag again!!! X


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