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    Gosh I feel so much better, I really felt like a monster for taking away their toys. I usually help them pack up and it's mostly me packing up but last night I was running late Hubby was getting home later than normal I needed tea ready before he got home and had no idea what I was making. So I asked them to do it. But they just ignored me over and over and over. It wall all over the floor, I had to walk through it like I was skating (I'm no good at skating) to get to the door to turn the light on for hubby, and I just lost it, all the times of asking them to help pack up and all the times they don't listen, everything just came to a head and I decided they would have nothing. Today they have been allowed a small handful of playdough each. It's actually been nice watching them play with it. They have been quite inventive, Makes me wonder if they actually need ALL the STUFF we have.

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    I salute you Mumma! Nothing wrong with a bit of drastic action every now & then.

    I would ensure there is routine with packing up Lego from now on though. If they don't do it, put it away again for a few days. They'll know you mean business now

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    I think I have had the same age kids. ?? did you say a four year old and two two year olds. ?? When mine were little I refused to feed them for the day until they cleaned up the toys. They had breakfast, and then I said clean up before you get lunch. So they would say , "mum I'm hungry", I would say "clean up the toys". This went on all day. At about lunch time I started cooking dinner. The smell of dinner cooking didn't get them cleaning up. Hubby came home about 6 pm, and dinner was ready to eat. Still nothing was cleaned up. Once I started dishing the meal up, and telling them again, no food until the toys are picked up, the job was done in about 5 mins. We all have our days. no harm done. Marie.

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    I haven't read responses yet, but don't feel bad. You're their parent, not their friend. It's important to have boundaries, and for there to be consequences for inappropriate behaviour (such as ignoring mum for 2 hours and not doing their part to keep the house tidy).

    It's important to be consistent though, so maybe have a think about what are your limits (can they have toys all over the house until a certain time; only one thing out then pack that up before getting another; a certain number of toys out at any one time; toys in only one room, etc.?), then let them clearly know what you expect and ensure that they only have access to all the toys if they follow those expectations.

    My 3 year old knows what I expect. Toys packed up when she's done (usually needs many reminders), no yelling at me when I ask her to pack up, she tidies up the house before dinner and all toys go back where they belong before bed. When she doesn't do those things, we limit access to toys. It's not a punishment, it's simply the reality...we can't have toys spread everywhere. If she can't keep them under control then there need to be limits.

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    Don't feel bad!! I did something similar not long ago and it definitely helped.
    Now I tell them I'm happy to help, as long as I can see they're genuinely packing away. And so it's not so overwhelming (I know I put off things if it looks too big of a job) I start small, DD1 can do barbies and DD2 can pack away books.


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