Hello ladies. I wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all you lovelies TTC like me after a tragic loss. Hubby and I have been TTC for 2 years and the past 6 months have lost 4 babies - two singles and one set of beautiful twins. Our singles miscarried naturally at 8-12 weeks and our twins we terminated at 14 weeks after a routine scan showed severe abnormalities of spina bifida and Trisomy 13. We were and still are devastated.
I am not crying for sympathy but that is my story

I a in month 6 of TTC for a healthy baby and PRAYING for twins again, and so far have not had a BFP. I am now using OPK and trying to have sex more often!! I think I am an early ovulator so will be focusing on DTD this week.

Has anyone tried pre-seed? Did it help? Has anyone got any recommendations for fertility tes/herbs/vitamins that help? I do not want to go down the fertility drug route just yet if I can help it, as I only have one tube and one ovary.

I hope I can share this journey with you all xx