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    Big hugs to you. I had a thread a while ago on here where I was at my wits end with my 1 year olds sleep. Man it's tough. In our case we had to do CC, which only took 3 nights. TBH my opinion would be to drop the day nap altogether. When my toddlers no longer needed their day nap, they would wake for extended periods through the night... &they would be WIDE AWAKE. The only way I fixed it would be to drop the day nap,and voila, sleeping through again. Of course this is only what works in my family, and it sounds like there is a history of sleep problems in your family, so I think medical assistance might be the way to go. Good luck

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    Is he still breastfeeding? I only ask as all the sleep problems in this house are blamed on that! It really sucks when your kids can't sleep. Ms2 is going through another bad phase. Never been a great sleeper but worst has been around 18mths and again now. Usually I have to lie down with her to get her drop off and this last few weeks she's waking up an hour later needing me to cuddle her to sleep again. She's allowed to come into our bed when she wakes - her bed is in our room. The other night she was squeezing me so tight before she fell asleep. I really think she has some fears about sleeping. I make her lie in the bed - there's no toys just books, sometimes she's crying or rolling around but we have her old cot attached with the side down. I refuse to get up or let her get up. She can get really angry pulling my face around when she wants to chat or play. It really is hard!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post
    It sounds more like behaviour rather than sleep issues.
    Perhaps all that food is raising his energy levels so he genuinely isn't tired.
    But at two, I would expect a child to know "it's bedtime", "don't hit", "stop that", etc.

    Have you tried a reward chart? Not just for sleep but behaviour in general?
    -go to bed at 7
    -get up at 7
    -no hitting
    -no screaming
    -no waking miss 3

    Or similar

    We have recently implemented some rewards charts but they are only new so can't really say yay or nay with them yet. I'm more than confident that he understands when I say "don't hit". Mainly because he cackles and does it again. Having one son with behavioural issues and knowing how rampant it is through my family (my fathers side, mostly undiagnosed but ridiculously obvious) I do get paranoid about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheeeeesecake View Post
    The only way I fixed it would be to drop the day nap,and voila, sleeping through again. Of course this is only what works in my family, and it sounds like there is a history of sleep problems in your family, so I think medical assistance might be the way to go. Good luck
    He doesn't nap every day, but the days he does nap it's because he just couldn't hold on anymore. If I try to get him to push through it, he will fall asleep in his dinner or start dozing in the bath so I think he still needs them at least some time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freyamum View Post
    Is he still breastfeeding?
    He was sick as a Bub (pyloric stenosis) and that mixed with the surgery and me not being able to feed well to start with meant I was completely dry by the time he was a month old. So he was on formula since then.

    I've spoken to doctors etc and it's basically been the general consensus that we try him on the melatonin, only because there is such a strong history of deficiency in it and if it works then we will stick to that for a while and ween him off later on. Taking the tablets is supposedly going to encourage his body to produce more of it on its own (they told me the same when my daughter went on it) so despite my reluctance at feeling like I have to "drug" my children to sleep, they assure me it just has to happen sometimes and it's no different to giving them vitamins.
    So it seems to be working somewhat. Will see how it goes over the long term.

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