My DD turned 1 two weeks ago and up until then slept in her cot quite happily. She self settled and usually slept most of the night. She really seemed to love her bed and would go off to sleep without any drama.
Then literally overnight just before her birthday that all changed and she screamed and screamed when put down. It was taking hours to settle her and she would become hysterical if we put her in her cot. We would get her to sleep by rocking her or laying with her but as soon as we transferred her to the cot she would wake and start screaming again. So now we have her in our bed as that is the only way she will sleep.
She cut her first tooth a few days after turning one so we thought maybe that was the issue but she still won't have a bar of the cot. She has developed separation anxiety which I know is normal so I assume this is part of the reason too.

I don't mind having her in our bed short term as she's sleeping and she's happy but if we can get her back to her own bed that would be preferable as my partner now sleeps in the spare bed.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on helping her get back to her cot would be very much appreciated!