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    Default It's DH's world, I just live in it.

    Feeling a little overwhelmed. DH's work schedule has changed significantly, and it means he gets extremely limited time with the kids for the next two months or so.

    DD has become quite clingy and is trying to replace the time she spends with her dad with me. Uni started this week (the schedule change was sprung on us, and we did not have a choice in it), and I am struggling to get in any study/business/ alone time.

    DD is not sleeping until 1 or 2am in the morning because DH isn't here, and she doesn't like it.

    With the lack of sleep, progress as well as DD's defiance, I am feeling just a little overwhelmed. I'm trying not to take it personally and just get on with it, but I am frustrated that I feel like I don't have a say in my own life and schedule.

    Sorry, vent over.
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    Hoping that you and dd can settle into the new routine quickly and find something that works for you. I can definitely relate, my hubby has just taken on a different role at work which he is really excited about but it has been a big adjustment of many more hours the past three weeks, unfortunately the last two being school holidays too (even though dd1 is 4.5 and only at preschool 2.5 days having both kids at home and deciding to stay up late and an almost 2 year old dropping lots of days naps was torture). I'm hoping it won't take long to adjust.

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    My only suggestion is to be patient with the little ones, and try to work with your uni study. Leave the housework, let anything that is not important, just wait for a better time. You will all need to adjust to the new time schedule, and ask for support from your DH as often as you can/need. marie

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