Ugh, I was whinging about this months ago but well, it's been months and no change so looking for ways to intervene.
I had my last depo shot last year. No period or anything since. Looking for ideas on how to encourage my cycle to return as we want to try for a baby. Every few weeks I get lower abdominal cramping and I think my period is coming, but then nothing happens. I also go through sensitive breast phases and my CM is frequently changing (I'm not looking intently but it's just noticeable if you get me), so it feels like my body is trying to do something, maybe it just needs that little nudge. I had 4 shots of it (a years worth) but it's the only birth control I have ever been on, never on anything else and always had super regular periods prior to it (they were reliable to the hour) so this is all a massive learning curve for me