Have you felt more stressed after having a child/children? We all know that it is stressful to have children, and talking to any new parent will confirm that. Research has shown that parenting stress increases when a child is ill with even the common cold, let alone a more serious flu, or diagnosed with a disability or chronic condition. It is safe to say that stress is a normal reaction to change and challenges, such as those that come along with being a parent. Common stressors that automatically affect all parents include your child crying without you knowing the reason; your child not sleeping throughout the night; rushing to get your child/children off to childcare or school; parent separation and/or divorce; even financially supporting your family. There are many other things that can increase any parent’s stress. Have you ever thought of why you may be stressed? Or how to deal with your stress? Have you ever thought of seeking professional help? We at the Armchair Psychology Practice want to know more about the level of stress Australian parents of young children experience, as well as what parents do to try to manage their stress. That is, perhaps we are mostly a resilient lot, who know that the stress of parenting is short-term and balanced out by the joys – or maybe we are falling apart more than has been realized! To assist us, the team at Armchair Psychology Practice has created a short survey for you. We ask you to please take this survey honestly, and you may even recognize something about yourself and your own needs, in your responses to it. There will be an opportunity for participants to receive feedback about the results, if you choose to include your email address.