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    Default Questions for people who went dairy free?

    Just wondering if anyone on here quit dairy?
    Are your kids dairy free? Do you give them almond milk or other milk substitute with cereal or oats?
    Have you felt a difference since being dairy free?

    I'm seriously considering cutting dairy out completely and just looking for feedback from those who have done it.

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    I did it for 6 months when bf my cmpi baby. Honestly I hated it as I'm one of those lucky people who can eat what they want and I seriously love unhealthy food like chocolate and cakes! But I did lose loads of weight, so much I went to the dr for investigations as it kept dropping off. In total I ended up 7kg less than my usual pre baby weight. So I was probably eating more healthily and the dairy foods obviously add quite a few calories.
    I used almond milk and gave it to my ds2 but he was still bf too. I've heard it's not got much nutritional value so not sure if it's great if kids still need the dairy. But if it's just a bit on their cereal or cooking it's probably fine. Just make sure you find the sugar free one. Doesn't taste of much but I didn't want to use one with added sugar.

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    I've had to my daughter is allergic milk protein. I had major withdrawals and now it's just cheese I miss. I have accidentally consumed dairy as its in everything
    My youngest is obviously dairy free due to allergy and my eldest doesn't have as much as she use to. Doesn't like alternative milks. Doesn't mind dairy free yoghurts or cheese, but it's expensive.
    When I cook and bake I use alternatives and haven't noticed difference ( in taste)
    I use oat milks for baking

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