This thread is great! So many good memories..

I was born early 80s. We had no car seats and never even used seatbelts. We'd drive down to coast as a family about once a month and coming back late at night my brother and I would sleep in the back of the wagon, mum would make a little bed for us. Nothing better than sleeping in the car with the radio on.

Two of my aunts didn't drive so every week my mum would drive herself, my brother and I as well as 2 aunts and 5 cousins to the shops to buy groceries. How she fit 3 families groceries and all of us kids in the car I'll never know. No such thing as sitting on seats, we just sat wherever we could find a spot.

Riding our bikes down our steep driveway. I shudder to think of how we could've been hit by a car. No helmets either.

Going on holidays to tiny beach towns like Caloundra or even Noosa (before it was trendy) and our parents just pretty much letting us do our own thing. I remember my cousin and I going for like an hour long walk to look for a shopping centre. No mobile phones so anyone could check on us.

From a young age my parents would leave me home alone. My favorite nights were when they took my brother to sports practice. I was still in primary school but I loved it because it was the only time I got the (only) tv to myself.