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    Default False positive syphilis tests in pregnancy

    Sharing my story here as I found nothing on Bub Hub that helped during my recent experience which resulted in the loss of my baby at 9w3d.

    So I have a 2 year old who was conceived first month TTC and I had no issues during the pregnancy. In February I conceived baby #2 but unfortunately had an early miscarriage in March due to low progesterone and hcg not rising. In April we started TTC again and successfully conceived and everything was going well. My GP ordered routine pregnancy blood tests after pregnancy was confirmed and I had the tests done at 6 weeks just prior to my first appointment with ob.
    I saw ob at 6w3d and baby was perfect with a good strong heartbeat. He discussed my bloods and said everything was fine but the syphilis results has not yet been received (but not to worry as they can take a day or two longer to come through). I left the ob's office feeling relieved after earlier miscarriage and confident that everything was in order.
    Two days later I received a call from my GP's office saying that I needed to see my GP ASAP. I shrugged it off as I had already seen the ob and was confident that everything was in order.

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    Default False positive syphilis tests in pregnancy

    The weekend passed and I had another call directly from my GP and she told me I needed to come and see her that day as something was appearing in my blood test.
    When I saw her she told me I tested positive to syphilis. I could have died. I never had it when I had my son and I hadn't slept with anyone other than my husband so I naturally freaked out and started doubting his loyalty (after 14 year together).
    My GP wasn't concerned and sent me off for another test to see if there was a false positive reading.
    It took 4 days to receive the results from the 2nd test and I again tested positive but the titre hadn't risen so it was looking as though it was going to be a false positive result.
    My husband promised he hadn't done anything he shouldn't have and to give me peace of mind went for a blood test himself (which was negative).
    Another day or two passed and I was asked to go and have another blood test as if I genuinely had the disease the titre would increase within 10 days. Off I went again and the results again came back positive but there had been no change in the titre so it was declared false positive. My GP discussed possible causes with me and said false positives can be common in pregnancy and I needed to now discuss with my ob at my next appointment which was 1 week later. I thought nothing more of it.
    I saw my ob at 9w3d and he wasn't concerned. Said the results could be related to a cold/flu like virus I had at the time of conception and in the early weeks of my pregnancy.
    He then started his standard check and couldn't locate the heartbeat via the Doppler. He decided to do a scan and again could not locate a heartbeat. I could see he was concerned. He then decided to perform an internal scan and after several minutes of silence while he searched, he then informed me that the baby has passed and there was no heartbeat. He checked baby's measurements and thinks it only passed that day or the night before and could see that there was some swelling on the brain.
    I was in absolute disbelief. I couldn't believe that I was again losing another baby. I cried and cried and cried. Ob comforted me and asked me lots of questions about the virus I had and now believes that the false positive syphilis test was related to that.
    I had a d&c 2 days later.
    In the days following the d&c, I googled all the possible causes and found information about blood clotting disorders and autoimmune diseases so I visited my GP again the following Monday and asked for a series of blood tests rather than waiting for my follow up appointment with the ob in 5 weeks.
    I was tested for just about everything but all bloods were clear, I was in perfect health. My GP also received the pathology results from the baby which identified no issues. Now both my GP and ob believe that my virus was the cause of death for my baby.
    My GP sent me for one more blood test to check on the syphilis status and the results finally came back negative.

    This pregnancy was such a stressful experience and I felt so ill for the majority of it.

    I share this story though as I fear that maybe I could have done something to avoid this. Maybe I shouldn't have delayed my visit to the ob for further review? Maybe something more could have been done and maybe my baby would still be growing in my belly.

    Please, if you are reading this and experience anything similar don't become blasé. This should be an indicator that something isn't right and it should be explored further before its too late. Learn from my experience and my loss.

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    Sweet-heart, I don't think you or your OBGYN could have done anything different to alter the outcome of your pregnancy.

    Even if you had viral PCR of secretions, serum, etc, and identified the virus, any irreparable damage would very likely have been done by this point. Even treatment with gamma-globulin at this point would have been unlikely to have altered the outcome.

    Not sure if this helps. I hope it does. I can't see how you or your doctors could have done anything different. Miscarriages suck. I've also had two. Totally sh!t situation. The only way I could get through them was to say to myself "That wasn't my baby...my baby is still coming". And come she did

    Best wishes for your 4th pregnancy.

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