Hi there
I'm completely new to this forum but appreciate past comments that I've been reading.
Having switched from Repromed after two failed antagonist cycles, I've gotten second opinions at MIVF and Monash.
DP's sperm is frozen after open biopsy with MIVF (medical reasons), very poor motility which we know can affect the DNA and subsequent embryo development. I'm a poor responder (37yo, low ovarian reserve and poor oocyte quality with known abnormalities, endometriosis and likely adenomyosis).
MIVF suggest using long down reg protocol with DP frozen sperm sample. Monash suggest flare cycle and using donor sperm. We've decided to try one more time with DP's sperm then consider donor, however I'm torn between which protocol is best. Not keen on a long down reg cycle for the duration and side effects, but willing to do what I need to. However the FS at Monash is highly regarded so prefer to take her opinion although this conflicts with the MIVF FS who will be treating us with DP's sperm!
Any experiences on long versus short cycles for the same clinical diagnosis as me?
Much appreciated.