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    Default almost 15-weeks pregnant - tricky work situation

    I posted this elsewhere and then realised I might get some good responses from ladies in this thread too.


    I have been with the same company for three years and had a really rough time of it. Despite the fact I have more experience and education than anyone in the team I was in, including my boss, I was treated like a junior and bullied the entire time.

    Finally managed to get out a few months ago to a much better section at the same company, but the damage was done. Opportunities come and go but I've never been considered and still on the same terrible wage since I started. I took the position I'm in now out of desperation. It's a career change I didn't want to have to make. I definitely get more respect in my new position but don’t really see the potential for more pay and feel my prospects are limited. The bully could target me in my new job too.

    Anyway, I am almost 15-weeks pregnant and have held off telling work because I found out I was pregnant just before I started the new job. I wanted to prove myself first and try to shake off some of the bad reputation manufactured by the bully, which I have done.

    Here's the kicker. I have been headhunted for a better job that much better relates to my interests and education. It's part-time, but pays about 10k more than the job I'm in pro rata. I would be out about $200 a week but almost certain I can make that up and more with freelancing work from home. It has a childcare centre on site, a flexible arrangement so I can work from home at times, and yearly increment rises as well as pay reviews. There are many benefits and I can see other career opportunities may open for me there too. My company now offers none of those things. I would forfeit mat leave if I leave my company but the new job would be better for work-baby balance in general, as well as my career which is very important to me.

    It’s not certain they will offer me the job. However, when they first approached me they told me I was top of their list of those they contacted. I will have to tell them I’m pregnant, just not sure at which point. With interviews etc ahead I would be about six months pregnant by the time I would start!

    I feel I should tell them in the interview, perhaps right at the end, in the hope I will have sold myself well enough for them to not discriminate based on my situation. Because it’s in education it closes for some weeks over Christmas, and they encourage staff to take leave over the school holidays. At least this is what my research has told me. I am due around Christmas so perhaps my leave would be well-timed for them. Another reason for worry is I would be on six-months' probation that would end while I would be on leave which is not ideal. I’ve never failed a probation period. In fact, I've never really had any job problems like those I have had to experience at my current workplace and have instead usually been highly valued, but it’s an added element of uncertainty, particularly in this economy.

    Sorry, this is a really long post. I know many would say not to take the risk, that moving from a permanent full-time job to probationary position in a part-time job is not a clever move, especially being the main breadwinner in the house and with a mortgage to pay and baby on the way, but I am torn. Any advice for me, ladies? I’d be interested to know if any of you have been in the same/similar position.

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    You do not have to tell them, but I would.

    I would be really concerned that they would not necessarily allow me to continue working for them and take maternity leave - you would not be guaranteed maternity leave as you had not been there for 12 months.

    I would be upfront with them and discuss how much leave you would be wanting to take, when that would be and return to work arrangements and make sure that they are on board with that happening before accepting the job. I would probably wait until you were offered the job but before accepting, unless of course it is obvious you are pregnant at your interview - then I would address the elephant in the room!

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    Everything kucingcantik said. Excellent advice there

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