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    Mine isn't so much ranting and raving at the person on the phone, but telling their policy is ridiculous / service is terrible and demanding to speak to a supervisor. I know I cried out of frustration once, may have been to Optus, but I have never and would never personally attack a person. I once stated getting a bit fired up then said "I know this isn't your fault personally but as the representative of the company, unfortunately you're the one I need to say this to" and continued with whatever my issue was.

    In a shop I've never had any major issues, but I do stand my ground and be firm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GirlsRock View Post
    I have once and I do regret it. It was at an Australian Post worker over a passport application. In one section my husband had left out his middle name but he had put it in the next section. I grabbed a pen and wrote in my DH's middle name and the AP worker refused point blank to accept the application because it had been altered since my DH signed it. I was furious and tried to argue that if I had stepped outside the shop and written his name in and stepped back in then he would be none the wiser as to who wrote the name in. He argued that it was a federal offence for him to accept a known fraudulent document. I accused him of having small man syndrome and stomped out of the shop.

    Note; I then went to another Australia Post shop and submitted the application. I did fess up to the woman there what had happened and she laughed and said I had probably struck the one AP worker in the entire state would would refuse to accept the document.
    Although I know how frustrating it would have been for you I probably would have refused the app too..

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    Yes once, at a Taxi driver.

    I left playgroup and my car would not start, so I called a Taxi to get home. When I got in the car I said I live at Smith St, Smithston. He started driving in the opposite way to where I live, I said several times, which way are you going, and he said something about taking X road. I assumed it was a road I did not know, but then he was getting further and further away and I said I think you are going the wrong way and he ignored me and I said it again and he got shirty and said, this is the way to Smith St, Smithsville. I said I don't live in Smisthsville I live in Smithston, he said no, you said Smithsville. I said no, I did not know there was a street the same name as a different suburb to me, why would I say the name, you assumed you did not listen to me.
    He said I had to pay for the fare up to now and then the fare to my house. I refused and we ended up in a verbal altercation, I was shaking and absolutely ropeable, refused to give him any money and got myself and the kids out of the Taxi in the middle of suburban no where.

    The only think I feel bad about is that I went mad at him while my kids were with me.

    I have been firm but calm and asserted my consumer rights but never lost my temper in a shop.

    Although working in retail for years and years I have been a customers emotional punching bag many many times.

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    Default Have you ever 'lost it' in a shop/business?

    Yes, well slightly... My poor 3 year old fell over the base of a clothing rack in a big franchise clothing store... He ended up with loads of clothes on top of him, because he was scared he was screaming and saying his hand hurt. I tried to get the store persons attention but to no avail, because we were in the entrance with my 3 year old in my arms crying and my pram with his brother we went just outside the store (still in the entrance but off to the side). The attendant came over and said "oh my god" looked at me and said really nasty tone "you did this" I went closer and said excuse me it fell on top of my son he tripped over the bottom of it and is hurt... She proceeded to accuse me of knocking it with my Pram and I could have told her etc (while my son is still crying). I said no it fell on my son and he's hurt you don't need to get "s**ty" (yes I swore). And she put her hand up to me (stop kind of sign) and said I'm not the one getting aggressive leave or I'll call security....

    Disgusting behaviour in my opinion, luckily when I called head office they agreed with me! Not once did she ask how my son was or alike... I'll never go back there that's for sure!


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