Has anyone else had issues / challenges living/holidaying in high uv climates? I can’t seem to find many positive role models or retailers with relevant (and nice) clothes etc.? Anyone got any suggestions?

I moved back to Sydney, after seven years in the UK, to be near family and friends, but was always worried about going back to a high UV environment.

Unfortunately, I found that the almost constant high UV levels were too much for me. I was also worried about our fair haired and pale skinned two year old daughter, after having been over-exposed when I was a child. Although Australia promotes ‘slip/slop/slap’, it feels to me that there is still a very pro-sun lifestyle that always left me feeling very uncomfortable.

For my little family, eventually we decided to go back to the UK to live, but it was a terrible decision to have to take.

This experience really opened my eyes to how some societies are orientated towards being out in the sun or at least dreaming of being so, and how hard it can be if you want to live a lifestyle that does not conform to those norms.

Has anyone had similar experiences of living in sunny climates when you don’t really feel comfortable with the lifestyle or having to go on holiday with sun worshippers and not feeling like you fit in?

I have started to a blog with some of my thoughts on positive living in warm climates, any comments humbly accepted: https://paleandbeautiful.wordpress.com