this is my simple story.

Waited for IVF donor sperm for over 2yrs due to my husbands genetics. Had a cycle and along came baby girl.

Tried cycle number two two for a sibling, it didn't take. We found out I had a parathyroid Tumor. Which causes you to feel like your at a very advanced age! Got it removed with all intentions to go again for a cycle in 6months. After the operation I got ill for 6months and couldn't work. We left Sydney because with only one working we couldn't afford the rent. We thought we would go to the country, get work and try again. Wrong move! No jobs.

Its been a long hard 5yrs and we finally got jobs and have enough for IVF. Bad news I'm now 42yrs old. My success rate is only 2%.

We do not have aunts or uncles or grandparents involved with my child. She is lonely and I desperately want to give her a sibling. She is a kind and sensitive child and wonders why she doesn't have a sibling. I'm just trying to improve her chances of having a sibling.

So im wondering if their is a kind egg donor Angel for us and her?

All expenses are are and will be paid for. You would need to do counselling and a full egg harvesting cycle at our expense.

I pray someone out there is kind enough to assist us and her.

We we are able to answer any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.