My DD2 is almost 3 and we are majorly regressing with toilet training. At about 2 she was happy to start doing wee's on the big toilet (with one of those seat inserts) and was happily doing this for a few months. No poo's, but I was prepared that could take longer.

But now she just refuses. She won't wet her knickers, but she will just hold on ALL day. She will then either ask for a nappy to do a poo and will wee then, or she'll wait until she's in the shower and just go there.
She also drinks a lot of water, so I'm worried it can't be good for her?

We got her a potty hoping that might help, but no go. I tried a sticker chart with no luck. She just sits there and says "no wee's are coming" and hop off.
She also refuses to wear a nappy unless she wants to poo, she wants to wear knickers.

I guess I'm mostly worried about her holding all day, and wondering the best steps going forward? Has anyone been through this? My DD1 honestly just toilet trained herself really quickly so I have no idea where to start