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    Default Paid Paid Parental Leave on low hours per wk

    Not sure what I should do in my situation, I work 15hrs a fortnight and have done since January, before than it was 10hrs a fortnight. I thought I would not be eligible for PPL but I recently looked it up & saw that I just need to have worked 330hrs in the 10 month period leading up to baby's birth, so I've worked out I'll do around 290. Work is pretty flexible so I could do a few extra shifts here and there to get me up to the 330 which of course would be great to get the PPL. Not sure if I can do it like that though, has anyone been through anything similar?

    Also with PPL it would take my income estimate for next financial year up $5000 on this year, and I've done the online estimate and basically with ftb and rent assistance etc I'll only be getting about $100 less a fn if I do get the PPL, but I read that you can't get FTB B while you are receiving PPL. Anyone know if this is true or anything about it?

    With my last DD i still got the $4000 baby bonus so when I worked out the ppl and then my ftb payments I was only $500 better off so I decided to just go with the baby bonus. I worked more when preg with her. I called Centrelink about it and they were soo confusing so I thought I'd see if anyone on here had any experience with these issues before I spend an hour on hold trying to call Centrelink

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey. Not in your situation but a few things

    FTB B definitely is not payable while receiving benefits. You *may* receive FTB B after PPL is ended if you qualify. Link is https://www.humanservices.gov.au/cus...ntal-leave-pay

    If you do not get PPL you can get an increase to FTB A - it's called newborn upfront payment/supplement. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/cus...orn-supplement

    I'd work out how much you get working the extra hours plus PPL and then work out how much you get for the newborn upfront supplement (if eligible) and FTB B if still payable at the time.


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