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    Default Who here doesn't celebrate Christmas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoghurt View Post
    This is a no-judgement thread. I know there are folk out there that dont celebrate xmas, i was just wondering if there are any here and if they could share why. Not so much aimed at those who celebrate Eid etc instead, but those who celebrate neither.
    Do you just focus on New Year instead? How do you deal with extended family?
    Genuinely curious. Let's not judge each other
    I do Christmas now as my DH's family does but I grew up in a non Christmas celebration family.

    For our family it was due to religious beliefs. Strangely the religion my family is part of have some people who celebrate it and some who don't.

    We did not do Easter as well.

    We did not celebrate New Years either. Just all normal days to us

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    Christmas is just a time to get together with family for us, but we like our families so that's not a problem. We don't do gifts as I can't not see it as a gross consumerist nightmare (I know some families have very valid reasons why having gifts/new toys once or twice a year works well for them and I have no judgement towards that, or people being motivated by Xmas to give to charity, but I can't stand the way society pressures us all to buy piles of stuff that we don't need in the name of Xmas giving).
    Same for Easter, we get together with family and when DS is older I expect we'll do some kind of easter egg treasure hunt game. But no buying and giving chocolate just because it's Easter and we're supposed to.

    We're not religious at all, but Easter and Xmas are as much cultural holidays as they are religious ones so we participate with the family side of it. If we didn't have extended family or small impressionable children who pick up on the cultural excitement of it all, then we'd happily ignore them altogether.

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    My ex doesn't celebrate Christmas, birthdays, easter etc for religious beliefs. We just did our own separate things on the days and met up after as we both work together anyway and it worked out we both had to work Christmas last year. Even now as just friends, we still meet up but after I have finished with kiddo and whatever family things that have been organised.

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    Default Who here doesn't celebrate Christmas?

    We celebrate Xmas just not in a religious sense, if that's what you mean? we celebrate Santa and it's a time of year we all have time off work so between Xmas and new year is full of family get togethers , I love Xmas and buying presents and decorating and planning menus etc and DS is 6 this year so at that prime age of really getting into it - I have the best Xmas memories as a child and am trying to do the same for DS - I have a few Jewish ( mums side of the family) and Muslim friends and we still buy gifts for each other's kids , they too celebrate the time of year- just not the reason behind it


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