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    Default Post birth weight loss

    Ok ladies, when did you all start dieting and exercising to lose the baby weight? I gained 20kgs during my last pregnancy. By the time baby, water and retained fluid was out I was 9kgs up. 7 weeks later I'm still 9kgs up.

    Currently my baby demands me to hold her all day every day. No sleeping in prams or carriers/wraps.

    I really want to stop wearing yoga pants every day because I can't fit into my clothes. I'm hesitant to buy more clothes because i don't want to stay this size. I just feel unhealthy.

    So when did dieting and exercise become realistic for you and what did you do please?

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    I'm 4 months pp and have done nothing except eat crap. I initially was back to my pre-bub weight very soon after as I think BF is the best diet ever but I think my body has now adjusted and my weight loss has stopped. actually I think I'm putting it on again

    trying not to obsess about it. it's not so much the weight that bothers me, it's how saggy everything feels. and that's not something diet and exercise can really fix.

    how many weeks/months since bub being born are you? don't put too much pressure on yourself too soon. your body needs time to heal and recover, even more so if you had a cs (which I did).

    just enjoy the newborn snuggles and indulge in whatever you feel like. it's so hard sacrificing certain foods when pregnant, I figure it's ok to let yourself enjoy food again after.

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    Last pregnancy I gained 18kg, around 8 months pp I still had a couple of kg to go and wanted to lose an extra couple. As soon as I started dieting my supply dropped and Dd started losing weight. I got to my goal and looked smoking (and felt sexy for the first time in my life) at a friends wedding at 10months pp.

    This time I gained 14kg and I'm still 7kg up at 6 weeks pp. But, I am living off caffeine and sugar which really isn't what I'm used too. I have my Ob appt tomorrow to get the all clear post CS. Im still a bit tender and I think I have another haematoma but when that resolves I'm hoping to get out with the pram a couple of afternoons a week and will start body pump with light weights to tone the wobble. I don't want to restrict my diet (you need an extra ~700 cal a day when bf) but will cut back on the crap. I'm still wearing my maternity jeans but I too refuse to buy new clothes because I don't plan on fitting them for too long. Leggings are so damn comfy!

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    Default Post birth weight loss

    Last pregnancy I only gained 5kgs but have lost 22kgs after birth. I didn't "diet", but just made healthier choices and I did a lot of walking. My Bub was a screamer so I couldn't stand being stuck in the house with her constant screaming.

    I'm now 31weeks pregnant and 6.8kgs up.
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