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    Question Tell me about your day

    I have been a stay at home mum for a little over 3 years. I feel very lucky that i am able to be in this position with my husband working full time to support us.
    I have been slowly falling into a horrible rut of sitting on the couch eating crap and the house has slowly become a disaster.
    What do other mums do with their days? How much cleaning/organising do you do?
    Are you a social mum who has regular coffee dates outside the house?
    What do you do to keep yourself busy?

    I found i was spending ALOT of time on FB and have since decided to deactivate my account to limit the temptation. But i am unsure how i am going to fill that space. I like baking and reading as well as sewing but this isnt something i can do everyday.

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    I am about to start working 5 days in a couple of weeks, but have been a SAHM for roughly the same time frame as you have. It's so easy to fall into that rut you've described, feeling unmotivated and just bored at times. So my main thing was to make sure we left the house as much as possible. One or two home days I can handle, any more I get terrible cabin fever and even find myself feeling depressed and anxious.
    This year I made sure I had DD enrolled in a couple of activities, for eg she does swimming on a Monday, Dancing lessons Fridays and playgroup one other day. On those days I generally try to stay out of the house the entire day, so we'll do her set activity and go grab lunch somewhere (often sit by the river and have some fish n chips or something from the bakery etc), head to the park and also the library. By then it's time to pick up my DS from school and I might swing by the shops for groceries on our way home.
    From the age of 6 months I started taking DD to nursery rhyme time at the library, indoor pools and playcentres.
    She's starting day care two full days a week as I said due to my working soon, on the other days I'm fortunate enough to bring her to work with me (I work in a child friendly place). And then next year she's due to start kinder. It's sadly coming up to an end of an era for us both. I'll miss having our free days...
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    I tried to do something everyday. Why not do a little bit of housework every day? Pop a load of washing on. Do the dishes and then everyday do one more job ie one day do the toilet or the bathroom or vacuuming. Then go out. Go to playgroup or storytime at the library. Go to the gym, the park, coffee with a friend. Maybe put the kids in swimming lessons or gymbaroo or a sport. Then your days will go faster and the house will stay tidier!

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    Hi, I'm a stay at home mum, I go to play group 3-4 times a week, maybe a play date.
    Housework----I write myself a list to do each day when I remember and I follow that. It works well. I might go to the shops if I skip playgroup. Have not gone to a library with kids. I'm also booked into Information sessions where the kids go to crèche at the centre, so more play for them and I've just started a craft and chat for mums. I like to be social. I enjoy company. I do baking also for the kids. I keep off as I'm watching what I eat.

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    I have been a sahm for nearly 4.5yrs. This is my week with dd (4) and ds (turns 2 in October)

    Monday - story time at library

    Tuesday - home day. Dd becomes so exhausted by Friday being at kindy this year I make sure we have a quiet day before the 'onslaught'

    Wednesday - dd at kindy 12:30-3:20pm. Every other week I do the grocery shopping before I drop her off

    Thursday - dd at kindy all day. Drop her off then head to swimming lessons with ds

    Friday - dd at kindy all day. Drop her off, I go to boot camp (with ds in tow) then we have been heading to the cafe

    Saturday/sunday - dd and I go horseriding on Saturday morning then the remainder of the weekend is spent as a family. Its the only time dh has to spend with the kids due to his long hours

    I'm generally always home for the afternoon as ds still naps. During that time I do activities with dd (non school days) or get my cleaning done then. I am pretty pedantic with cleaning and will do something every day whether it be a full kitchen clean, vacuum/mop, washing, bathrooms etc

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    I'm a sahm and DD is 3 in September. Today my day was:
    Get up and sort breakfast
    Put on new load of laundry, put clean load in dryer and start to hang up dry load
    Sort out purchases from the weekend
    Organise DDs visual timetable for the day and go through it with her
    Go through pantry and fridge to add to shopping list
    Help DD get dressed and brush her teeth
    Do grocery shopping
    Drop shopping home
    Take DD to gymnastics
    Get home and sort out lunch
    Clear away clean washing up while DD eats lunch
    Brush her teeth and put her in bed for a nap
    *2 hours of me time!*
    Get DD up
    Finish tidying away clean laundry
    Take dog out for a walk
    Wash up dishes from yesterday evening and today
    Cook dinner
    *hubby then does the bedtime routine of shower, teeth etc*
    Put DD in bed
    Get DD out of bed to go to the toilet
    Put DD in bed again

    Lol we have activities every morning pretty much so we are out of the house every day, and then the dog gets walked every afternoon after her nap.
    Mon - gymnastics
    Tues - music
    Wed - ballet
    Thurs - free day so usually a park or playcentre
    Fri - dance and then story time

    I also usually do bootcamp a few times a week so that takes up a bit of time as well but I'm not well at the moment so haven't been going.

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    Default Tell me about your day

    Have 4 kids, 6, 4, 3 and 2. My husband is a shift worker and goes away a fair bit so he just fits around my schedule when he is home.

    Monday - 6yo goes to school. I put away washing in the morning and unload the dishwasher. I then do little jobs like cleaning out the fridge, the bathroom etc. and entertain my 4, 3 and 2yo. We sometimes have playgroup on from 10-12. Dinner etc.

    Tuesday - the 6 yo goes to school. 3 and 4yo go to preschool. Washing put away and dishwasher unloaded. I manage school canteen (it runs two days a week) so I am up there all day with the 2yo. Afternoon sport at school til 4. Dinner.

    Wednesday - 6yo at school, 4 and 3yo at preschool. Only have the 2yo at home so as well as washing (this gets done every day/night) and dishwasher (1-2 times daily) I also do a "big" job. Clean a whole room top to bottom.

    Thursday - Same as Tuesday minus arvo sport.

    Friday - Every second one is the same as Monday, every other one we go away for my 4yo specialists (he is autistic). Our school runs a 9 day fortnight so there is no school that day (we have longer days). The appointments are 400kms away so that's an all day thing as we also do our grocery shopping that day.

    Saturday and Sunday are just for maintaining the house and doing activities with the kids mostly.

    I also volunteer for the youth centre, and SES. And I have the forms, I just need to submit them for VAO and RFS.

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    Well I've been a sahm for 12 years. My girls were in school for one and two years.
    Now I homeschool so kids need to be socialised in other ways. We have days where we are lazy and don't do much, other days when it's full on with sports, special classes, friends etc.
    I like getting out and about. I usually catch up with my sister and or friends once a week. There's also playgroup, shopping, volunteer work (used to be once a week, now it's once a month).
    I was working one or two nights a week in an RSL club before Master2 was born. I've been thinking about getting another job (nights) but not sure yet.


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