Hi guys! So I know there's probably heaps of threads about the same thing but I felt I just needed to get my frustration out myself. I recently got the Mirena out and I have read some things about the 'Mirena Crash' (yay right? Not ...) anyways - I just hate how much it messes with your head as I'm guessing that's what i'm experiencing at the moment.

For the past few days I have been so nauseous beyond belief, I am so exhausted/tired and luckily my boss has given me some leave at the moment as I don't think I would cope with work at the moment and yesterday and today my nipples are so darn sore and I've been getting hot flushes and some minor cramping!

It's to the point where I know it's highly unlikely that i'm pregnant as it's our first month trying but all of these things make me think "hmm .. maybe???" And then I have to remind myself it's impossible.

Anyone else going through this at the moment? How long does it usually last if it is the Mirena Crash? I'm just over it - at least when you're pregnant these symptoms are totally worth it lol