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    I just had Dh estimate the size of our loungeroom - he said approx 46-47 sqm. I would literally be having anxiety attacks in 60 sqm with a family of 4 We don't live in a mcmansion, just a renovated old house, 4 bed, 1 bathroom. Each to their own of course but this country bumpkin couldn't live in a place that small.

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    Each to their own but I couldn't do it. We currently live in a 3 x 1 courtyard house. It's been great with just 2 of us but with DS and hopefully another one soon it's too small. We don't have anywhere near enough storage (2 BIR but 1 is basically useless so we use DS's built in for our clothes and put his in a dresser) and it means we need more furniture to create storage which makes our rooms smaller. DH works from home a lot so we have to have a designated study as well. The minor beds are way too small to fit 2 kids or even a bunk in. We only have a single carport as well so we always have 1 car in the rain/sun and in the way which also drives me nuts.

    We are building a 4 x 2 with study and 2 living areas and I cannot wait to have space to breathe. We will have a large backyard as well and a great entertaining area too, we love entertaining but our house just doesn't cater to it right now. Theres no way I could raise 2 kids here without going batsh!t insane!

    If the place you are looking at it really well laid out, lots of built in storage and functional it might be ok but consider how the house will feel with 2 teens - is there enough space for everyone to have some peace? (this was super important to me!). They don't stay little forever! Good luck!

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    Storage is the biggest factor and your storage needs will vary depending on your hobbies.

    I find having a good shed/garage makes a big difference. The last place we were in was a small 3x2 which was adequate but we did have boxes stacked behind the sofa because there was only a little, leaky shed.

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    We used to live in a 70sqm, 2 bedroom, one bathroom house with an 11 yr old boy and 4 year old girl. To start with they shared a bedroom and had regular beds, but it was too squishy and our son was at that age where he needs privacy. So we got them loft bunk beds with desks underneath, which really freed up a lot of space. We also moved DD into the sleep out, which had zero privacy as we had to walk through it to enter and leave the house. But at 4, she didn't seem to care and didn't need the privacy.

    We now live in a three bedroom home with two separate living areas. We hate it because it's too big and are looking to buy a smaller space, hopefully three bed, one bathroom, one living space.

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    We used to live in a tiny workers cottage and it was fine. It had amazing built in storage (I renovated the place so made sure of it) and a 1.5 car garage so plenty of room for tools, bikes, etc. DFs two boys used to stay on the weekend and space wise it was ok. The house had a nice cosy feel that I miss a bit. We now have a much larger house which I prefer over the cottage however I would much rather a small house in a good area than a large house in a not so good area.

    If you do go for it some tips are:
    - Storage storage storage. Can never have enough.
    - Get furniture that fits the space. No oversized couches or anything.
    - Consider ensembles for beds rather than a bed frame.
    - Put an IKEA cube bookshelf or similar down a wall of the garage for tools, gardening stuff, etc.


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