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    I guess it depends on what you want it for/how you'll use it.
    My DD is 11 months old and I just use a normal largeish handbag which I put a couple of nappies in the front pocket, a little snack box and her water bottle. I don't carry a lot of stuff for me - wallet, keys, sunnies, tissues, lipstick is about it. So that's all I take for most outings.
    I have a change wallet in the car and will chuck that in the bottom of the Pram if going out for a long time. I also keep a spare set of clothes in the car for her. I have a baby chic Pram caddy thing which I keep a muslin wrap, hat, Pram clips in.
    If we are going somewhere like someone's house, or a picnic then I have a big isoki nappy bag I got for $30 at a baby expo. In this I'll put her lunch bag, bag of toys, change wallet, jacket etc. For me it's way too big and bulky to use day to day.
    The bag you're looking at looks about the size of the isoki bag I have. Even if you don't use it every day you probably will get use out of it later as bub grows and you need to take food, toys etc and useful as a beach bag, travel bag too.

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    @MrsVZ sounds like you know what you are doing. I went with a plain black Oroton bag. It had zipper & magnetic sections. Mainly because we didnt know what we were having and so that DH was able to carry it without looking silly. Your handbag will be shelfed so I wanted something a bit stylish and not so mumsy. Its the 1 thing Ive never parted with and praying our final round of IVF works so it can be used again.

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    I had a nappy bag for a little while with my first then ditched it as it was too bulky. With DS2 and I'll do again with DS3 I had a Skip Hop pronto changer. It fits wipes, nappy, a tube of cream and is a built in change mat. You can also fit car keys and some cash/keycard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsVZ View Post
    This is second on my list but a slightly different version, only concern is some people saying that once you fill the inside the outside pockets don't hold much and vice versa. But in terms of being mid-size it's got good reviews
    What are they trying to fit in it?! Lol. I find it ample, but it's an individual thing. I have lots of pram storage too for shopping bags etc. I recommend going and looking at the bags in store if possible not just online. I found this one in babiesRus after many of the others I looked at were too big and bulky for my liking.

    Also this is my 2nd Bub, and I still find I need a pram bag. I had an Oroton one with DS1 it was ok but faded etc so I wanted a new one. This one has more storage than my Oroton one did. I also have a nappy wallet for when I don't need the whole bag, but interestingly I haven't even used it yet! Maybe when DS2 is a bit older.

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    We have a jj cole nappy bag. I bought a big handbag style one but DH said he wont use it as its too like a handbag and he now has.the kids while I work. I personally like a nappy bag and as we live awhile away from the cbd and always have to drive etc we need it well stocked. It has a shoulder strap and pram clips.
    OP I reckon get it, looks nice and stylish


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