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    Default 16 & pregnant.

    I have been on a crap reality tv binge this week and the crap of choice has been teen mom 2 season 7 (wow) and 16 & pregnant. I will start by saying yeah we don't know what goes on behind cameras but it amazes me that these girls think everything is going to be all sunshine and fun when the father can't get off their butts to even get a job! And then when they treat the mother of their child like crap why aren't parents stepping in and smacking sense into them. Wow also the one that argued with his girlfriend for taking up the whole bed when he wanted to sleep, the bed was her delivery bed she was in labour. I spend a lot of time yelling at the tv when these shows were on but even I was shocked silent tonight when at dinner the16 yr olds grandmother slammed a dna test kit on the table demanding it to be done. So much **** storylines but so much drama and I can't look away

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    It's like watching a slow train crash! I find it fascinating but then really sad at the same time. I do like the seeing the OG and Teen Mom 2 girls as most of them have really blossomed into great adults.

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    I remember in one of the earlier seasons of 16 & pregnant, one of the girls had struggled long term with eating disorders.
    Not long after she has her baby, her mother decides to lose weight and asks the daughter for help because she's "good at that stuff" and probably wants to start losing baby weight. Seriously WTF moment.
    Not long after that the mum moved out with her boyfriend and left the daughter and baby in a house with no heating (she didn't pay it) and they had to stay at a motel.
    I think the parents are almost always the problem...

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    It can be frustrating to watch, and quite sad. Most of these young ladies just get into new mum mode and do their best - it's their lack of support that makes it really bleak viewing at times.

    I've seen few of the teen dads on this show actually step up and be a father. I also feel awful when the teen mom's parents take the tough love approach by forcing them to move out of home, or trying to bully them into adoption.

    Love watching Teen Mom though!

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    Some of the parents of the teen girls seem to be just horrid parents themselves. I remember one I saw (no idea what season etc) where the teen dad was trying really hard. He seemed like he actually gave a crap and loved his baby, went and got like two jobs and gave all his money to her and while he had flaws he is everything you'd hope for, if your daughter fell pregnant early. But the girls parents refused to let him into their house and refused to let the baby out. So this amazing father who, yes made a mistake, but was trying to make up for it, was refused his own child. And it was all because they were strictly religious so because he wasn't married to their daughter, he had no rights to the baby in their eyes. It made me very sad.
    I read later on that he had since taken her to court for shared custody and I think he got what he was after but he stated he wished it didn't have to be like that. The teen mum even wanted him to see the baby but was too scared to battle the parents. Seems like everyone lost in that scenario.


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