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    Default Mould - OMG discovered mould on underside on highchair padding????

    Mould - OMG discovered mould on underside on highchair seat padding - ????

    I regularly clean chair with water and vinegar, but did not remove seat padding.

    I am in a bit of a panic, I was cleaning highchair as I always do after a feed, and particularly after bubs had vomited, not long after this incident I noticed some gunk, under the separate foam padding. To my surprise mould had formed, yuk.

    I threw padding out, ( irresponsible design - especially as baby highchairs are hard to clean) - but I am in a panic mode (ie mould), I hope no health issues become of this.

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    I doubt it would cause health issues for your child. If they were sitting on mould constantly for weeks without moving, maybe they might get a reaction. But otherwise I think Bub is fine.
    We had a similar problem with our high chair so we threw out the padding and now it's just the plastic chair, similar to the ikea high chairs - much much easier to clean.
    On the subject of mould, I think it could cause problems if your house was very damp in general, and the mould was kind of in the air or your Bub was breathing it in.
    We have a very mouldy house and I'm highly allergic to it. I've always been the one with the reaction, taking antihistamines all the time and asthma medication (I only get asthma as an allergic reaction, not because I actually have chronic asthma)..
    Recently I've started to suspect that my DS2 has been a lot more sick than normal and I think it's because his room is very damp.
    I wouldn't be surprised if this is why he is sick a lot more frequently than DS1 who sleeps in a relatively dry bedroom.
    Thankfully we are selling our house (already bought another one which, thank god, is mould free).
    So back on topic, I'm not sure your Bub would have had direct exposure, and even if they had, it would only have been for a short time.. And as long as they aren't breathing it in, I'm sure they are fine.

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    Nah don't stress my kids have been exposed to heaps of mould and they're fine.


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