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    Default Donor Sperm Single Mothers WA

    I was wondering if it was possible and if anyone's had experience using donor sperm as single?
    I had ICSI with my ex partner and we had a son and I'd like a sibling
    I haven't asked fertility clinic yet but there website says for women without a male partner
    Not sure if they mean same sex couples are ok but you can't access if choosing to do it alone
    I'm in WA so not sure if laws different in this state
    I'm also not sure if I'll receive any Medicare rebate if using donor sperm
    Technically I do have fertility issues hence using ICSI with ex but now trying alone???
    Thank you

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    I am TTC using donor sperm while single. I am at Concept Fertility in Subiaco. There is a waiting list up to 2 yrs. If you don't have a medical need for IVF you don't get medicare rebate, you have to do 2 IUI's and then can move to IVF. If you have a medical diagnosis you can go straight to IVF. I was on the waiting list at Fertility North for IUI for a year and a half before seeing Concept. They put me straight through due to low AMH and endometriosis. Just as well as it's been nearly a year TTC with worsening luck. It seems you should be able to get the rebate


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