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    Default SAHSM of toddler who has started looking to other mums for play interaction

    Hi I'm a single stay at home mum of a 19montg old boy and I practice attachment parenting. We have a beautiful relationship that is strong. He is a confident and independent boy when t comes to risk taking exploring etc however still very dependent Which is to be expected at his age.
    My concern is that lately when we have play dates with other children he always goes up to other mums and tugs
    On their hands to drag them over to something he wants to play with. It makes me
    Happy to see him explore a new found independence from me but I also am beginning to feel worried that there is something I've done or haven't done that has lead to this. I know it sounds selfish to think of myself in this situation however I'm just wanting to rule out that something may be lacking between us for this new behaviour to show.
    As a single mum I do have less time to be down with him playing etc but I do make time for it and we do have a secure bond. Could the secure bond sill be there but just displaying itself in other ways and opening himself up to other things without me now...?

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    Sounds like you are raising a confident and secure little boy. I follow attachment parenting for the most part, however my daughter who's 20 months is completely different. I think at this age, and earlier, they are really coming into their own personality.

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    Embrace his confidence, you have done an amazing job for him to have this confidence

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