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    A tip for pain relief..... I had chronic pain issues, bla bla bla..... But to cut a long story short, knew the hospital where I had ds had pain expert team on site so asked to speak to them when I was sore post Caesar, they gave me tramadol 200mg Sr. Twice daily, which I could take wiht the endone panadol and nurofen, amazing, best drug ever, lasted all day, I didn't notice side effects, didn't get the ups and downs u get wiht the shorter stuff, and could still do top ups wiht other drugs anyway. It's on script but not that many Drs use it post op.... My mum pinched a bit of mine when she had her knee done a couple of months later, again found it better than the endone and obviously longer lasting.....ill be using it if I ever need to again.....

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    Thank you ladies so many answers answered.

    I had to go into hospital today as I was in so much pain so went up there they gave me an endo straight up and my goodness I felt like I was flying and I think I was going a bit loopy apprently I was laughing at everything my partner thought I had lost it lol but the nurses said it's normal.
    They gave me some to take home (am home now just got a bed in emergency) and they said to take with panadol if needs be.
    I had more scans and tests done apprently the cyst hasn't turned or gotten bigger but they just said it can give me trouble every now and then.

    I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow for a follow up and I will probably ask for more endo though not sure as when I was coming down off them I was feeling so nauseous and dizzy but I blanked out for 2 hours so I think I'll try and use them only in emergencies when it's really playing up.


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