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    Default Measurement of baby's neck

    So today I had a normal midwife check up, and she brought up my NT results, informing me that although the results of my harmony test came back low risk (1 in 10,000 chance of down syndrome etc) the measurements of baby's neck were above the 'cut off' of a possible heart abnormality (cut of being 3mm, my baby's measurements came back 3.2mm)

    So I have been referred to the Women's and children's hospital to have a specialised scan of my baby's heart (whatever that means?!) and I don't know why my GP failed to talk to me about this when I had the tests months ago?!

    Has anyone been through something similar or know anything about a situation like this?

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    How many weeks were you at your nt scan?

    I recall my GP saying anything under 3.5mm is considered normal, maybe it's just a precaution that your midwife feels responsible to check on. Doctors have varying perceptions of concern, which can be very frustrating. I wasn't told about a small bleed in the sac at 8 week scan and found out when the sonographer who did my 12 week scan asked me about it as I walked in, I asked him if he had the right file! I asked my GP about it and she brushed it off and said its so common and fixes itself so not worth mentioning.

    So you'll probably find your GP didn't consider it concerning based on your harmony result. 1/10000 is extremely low risk! I hope that it isn't anything serious but better to just get that reassurance and know for sure all is 100%.

    Keep us updated

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    My ds nt measurement was 3.2......was never raised as a concern. I was told over 3.5 is when they can get concerned but even then that does not always mean anything sinister. Oh and my ds is perfectly healthy.

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