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    Default Pregnosis pregnancy test

    Hi there,

    Just looking for some thoughts/experiences/advice. I was 28 days on Monday but had bleeding (light) Sat, sun & mon. My cycle is usually 26 days, so I didn't think anything of it, but I do think I ovulated later than normal this month. Anyhow, the light bleeding stopped on Tues morning and something about it made me think it was an implantation bleed (I've had that before). So I bought a 3 pack of pregnosis pregnancy test and did one on Tues afternoon. The 2nd line was super super faint, like I thought I was imagining it. But after the 10min mark it darkened. I figured it might be too early so waited til the next morning - same thing exactly. Now this afternoon (Thurs) I texted again thinking the Hcg must be rising by now (and no bleeding). Although I don't really have any other symptoms, which in the past I have noticed at this early stage. So, I went and bought first response, cause I just felt like the pregnosis wasn't working or something. I did the first response and it can up within a minute (positive) clearly. But now I'm still feeling a bit worried that the hcg isn't rising properly. I've had 3 miscarriages in the past :-( wdyt? I can't see the dr to get blood tests organised til Monday.

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    Honestly, don't compare the FRER's to the Pregnosis tests in darkness to see if it's rising. The Pregnosis ones are not as sensitive as the FRER's.

    Also, even when I was getting lines darker than the control on a FRER, the Pregnosis tests I did, I still had to squint to see them!

    If you got a positive on a FRER I'd see your GP and let them know you've got a positive test and have had some light bleeding. They'll be able to monitor your HCG better over a few days and it'll be more reliable than just keeping on POAS to figure it out.

    Good luck!


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