Hi guys!
Hubby and I have been TTC for 1.5 years (initially with a relaxed "if it happens, it happens" approach). Well, it hasn't happened and after a long time trying to avoid making the process 'scientific', I've started OPKs this cycle. I did my first OPK on cd12 based on the instructions (in line with my 28 day cycle - though my cycle can vary from 27-31 days, it is generally 28 or 29). My first OPK had a decent, solid line however it was technically negative as it wasn't the same (or stronger than) the control line. All OPKs have since been super feint, clear negatives so I assume ovulation was anywhere from cd11-cd13 (I had one day of ewcm this some flecks of red blood on cd11 to aid my suspicions). We did the deed lots so I was optimistic... Today is cd15 and I'm spotting 😩 Mid cycle spotting has become the new norm - the deeper into TTC we get, the more my body 'plays up' and I know that it's far too early for implantation. I'm also starting so suffer acne around ovulation and menstration so I feel like my hormones are raging...

So... with all this background info, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced something similar and if you have some advice/suggestions regarding what I should do to address it.

P.s my GP is aware that we're TTC and aware of the mid cycle spotting and didn't seem too concerned plus an ultrasound has confirmed ovulation and my lining was apparently normal (woooo, something is on my side!)