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    Default would you leave your child

    Say you had a severe mental illness (that has meant being in residential care/hospital for just over 3 months) that is not going away & severe enough that you are having ongoing maintenance ECT for.

    It had impacted your child enough that there had been several reports made to DHS over the years & supports in place, and financial insecurity that will always be an issue due to the severity of the illness.

    There have been psychotic episodes in the past from the illness, and well as periods of dissociation that cannot be accounted for, a lot of self harm that he has seen as well as suicidal thoughts & attempts and now memory issues from the ECT.

    You are a single parent, his father is deceased & he will be a teenager in 6 months. You cannot provide for him either emotionally or financially or in any practical ways. The house is always a mess, family meals are almost non-existent, even when you do cook the evening meal you can't cook for crap. You struggle to engage with said child regularly, instead hiding either on the computer in or a corner in your room despite knowing this isn't fair to him.

    Would you walk away from &nbsp;your child, knowing that he would have his needs met better in another home with a mentally stable carer where he will always know where he stands.<br>
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