Hi all,
After stalking for a good 9 months and 2 failed IVF attempts i need some advice.

Me - 33, DOR, Endo
DH - 39, reversed vacectomy, sperm antibodies, DNA frag test results pending

1st IVF/ICSI - 9 eggs, 7 mature of which either fertilised abnormally, or arrested after day 3, ended with 2 morula day 5, 1 transferred, the other degenerated. BFN

2nd IVF/ICSI - 6 eggs, 6 mature, 6 fertilised - day 3 all 8-10 cell, day 5 transferred 2 morula, remaining still at cell stage and arrested before day 7. BFN

So the plan moving forward is to run some more tests on me NK killer cells, adnemosis and some other bloods
DH - dna frag test

The dr after discussing with the scientist has now come back saying that the arrest at the 10 cell stage is likely to be a sperm issue and said moving forward we will need to do a TESA regardless of the DNA frag results.

If he frag test comes back normal and he produces enough sperm by ejaculation im confused as to what the TESA is going to achieve? I cant seem to find any information on using it for other reasons