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    Default Pelvic ultrasound, sonohysterogram and tubal patency test

    Hi. My fs has given me a referral for a pelvic ultrasound, sonohysterogram and tubal patency test. The problem is I'm on cd1 and am going on a cruise next week so the earliest I could get get in is cd 14. I rang 4 different places and 3 said they can't do it then as it will be too late. The fourth place said they'll attempt it but might not be able to do all the tests. My cycles range from 40 to 80 days so I really don't want to wait another 3 months to do the test because I want to start ivf asap. Has anyone had these tests done on cd 14 and been able to get all the results needed? I never ovulate that early so that won't be an issue, they just said my lining might be too thick. Also is it painful? I had a hsg done 6 years ago and I know it's a slightly different test but that was absolutely excruciating! So I'm freaking out a little

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    Default Pelvic ultrasound, sonohysterogram and tubal patency test

    I had it done asleep in combo with hysterscopy, laparoscopy.... My dr said I could do it stepwise with some bits awake but I'd likely end up with the works so it would just prolong my stress tcc...well the pelvic u/s awake earlier in piece....also when awake I gather commonly it's gone by radiologists. Who often aren't as good at the die studies down there! Are u going to a specialist place???? It does vary I gather comfort depending on who does it....
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