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@sunnygirl79 you should definitely get in touch with an ANZ mobile lending consultant. We refinanced from Rams to Anz just over 2 years ago the week Dd was born and I was already on mat leave. Our finances were shocking at the time but the lovely consultant made it happen. They will give you a very honest opinion about whether or not you will be able to do it. They work really hard to make it possible as they rely on the commission.

According to tv this morning, economists predict that the reserve bank will drop the rate by 0.25% in the next 8 weeks and that some of this may be passed on. An interest rate of 3.75% is nothing to winge about considering 4 years ago they were up around 7-8%. I would be happy with that for two years even if it rates did drop in a few weeks. A lower rate will be more affordable while you're on mat leave so it's worth having a chat to someone about it.
Thanks we are already with ANZ so it's (my maternity leave) not a problem if we stay with them, it's more if we decided to change lenders. If we have enough equity in our home this is the only thing, at this point in time, that would potentially enable us to shop around, for a number of reasons that I won't discuss on here.

We're getting our house revalued first, and meeting with our ANZ mortgage adviser to discuss potential arrangements.

I agree 3.75% for 2 years isn't bad and we would be looking at using our savings (currently a lot due to DH bonus) to offset the variable component. However we will also look at other scenarios, including shopping around if it is an option for us.