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    Default Oh my husband tries but...

    Ive been on fulltime work experience for two weeks and Dh has been home on holidays. This meant Dh was responsible for house/kids duty.

    Dear or dear, he tires but he really has no idea.

    Two weeks and theres no socks and underwear for the children, the shower/toilet are filthy, the laundry pile is massive, theres barely any food in the house, and I just swept the floors...my god, theres more sand in the pile than in the desert hehehehehehehehe.

    I'm by far the tidiest person in the world but golly. He tried and I appreciate it but this just reminds me why I don't work full time hahahahahaha

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    I went for a much needed massage a couple of weeks ago. I'd tidied the house before I left. I was gone for 2 hours. The house was trashed, and DS was standing licking the screen door as I came in.

    ETA: DS kindly hit post for me - too early. Point being - I know where you are coming from!
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    It's a bit like anything 'new' really. I was a SAHM until 5 years ago...and DH never thought to do washing, and the kids would get to school but their hair wasn't done etc. He was trying, but just lacked that time management to effectively be able to do it all. When I'd ask about the washing he'd tell me he spent all morning getting the kids ready, so where was there time for washing? 😂 Never mind that I always did both.
    Fast forward five years and he hangs out more washing than I do, and is all over the morning routine, after school activities, dinner, tidying up etc.
    There was a definite adjustment period, but I too had to adjust to the working life, and I'm far more competent at work now than what I was when I first started!

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    I'm so paranoid about this haha. I'm going away end of July for a few nights to visit my bestie. DF hasn't actually been left alone with DS for a night yet (he's 2) I'm gonna make sure to cook meals for dinners and lunches and wash EVERYTHING before I go lol. I sound like I think DF is not capable of doing it but I'm hoping the least amount as possible will be best haha. DS will be at daycare for one day while I'm not here but DF never remembers what to pack lmao. Ah, men.


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