Hey guys. I'm at CD45 and I'm so annoyed. We are waiting to actively TTC and last month we didn't use protection but I thought we started that after I ovulated. Now I'm curious what is going on. My cycle can be 30-40 days usually around 37.

I had an ultrasound maybe 2-3 weeks ago to check my uterus and ovaries because I had some weird pains and cramping(which to me felt exactly as it did last time I had a pregnancy) and the tech said all was fine but I assume they would have seen a pregnancy if it had occurred unless it was incredibly early.

I did a pregnancy test back then which was negative, one last week that was negative and an ovulation test today that was negative, which I took because yesterday I randomly had a bunch of EWCM.

I've been nauseous the last maybe 5 days and I got weird reflux this morning when I layed down which I have only ever had last pregnancy. My boobs don't hurt but they didn't last time, they just feel like really really soft water balloons which is a change in texture for me. My lower tummy feels "stretchy" or weird.

I'm super confused by this one and I'm usually the type who says to others "ok just wait for your period and your symptoms are probably psychological" lol but I wish I knew what was going on and my period would come so we can start TTC properly