I've always wanted to go to Scotland- it's the top of my list, we were not going to go until another couple of years and do a big europe trip. However, my hubby is looking at getting another job at the end of this year and he has some long service leave still left, and it has to be used before he goes for another job. We don't really want to waste it, so I was thinking about jumping up the scotland holiday. However airfares will cost $5,500 for our family of 4, leaving around $5000 left over. Is this enough? I know the pound against our dollar is ****ty so I will lose half that. We were thinking 2/3 weeks.

Another option is China- which falls in out budget, or New Zealand. But I really really wanna go to Scotland! lol Although the other places sound amazing, Scotland has been on my list for many years. But should I just wait another couple of years when we have more funds?

Thanks all!