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    @VioletMay I'm so sorry! I remember so clearly the first few weeks after losing Indigo and I wasn't sleeping, crying half the night and dreaming I was still pregnant. It was so horrible! Please know it does get better, you won't ever forget your precious Poppy but you will heal a little and sleep again.

    Luckily for me I did have some people who understood how I was feeling. My mum lost a son a long time ago to SIDS and my older half sister lost twins at 24 weeks about 10 years ago. The both live interstate so it was only over the phone I could talk to them but it did help a little.
    Apart from them I only had DH aswell, he was good but definitely tried blocking out the pain I think.

    I'm glad I can help by telling you that you will get through it and I understand how you are feeling. I have joined a few groups etc of people in the same situation as I feel it helps me heal knowing I'm not alone.

    I am only 7 weeks pregnant, so very early but will be going to the big women's hospital for this pregnancy and they will be monitoring me very closely. As we don't know what happened to Indigo I don't know how they know what to look out for but I'm hoping everything is fine with this little baby.

    When are you looking at doing your last FET?xx

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    Oh my goodness... Your poor mother and sister in law! It really would have helped you through those early weeks talking to them. So very sad that so many of us lovely ladies in life go through so much pain. I think I'd like to come back as a man next time.
    My husband is a Police Officer so part and parcel of his job is being pretty good at blocking out painful situations... I'm just glad he's a great listener and hugger.
    It's very reassuring that you'll be heavily monitored at the main hospital I'm sure they'll be watching out for anything at all and running regular blood tests etc to keep baby safe and strong. I'm sure you'll just be taking a day at a time. Stay strong and positive if you can.
    We are going to see our IVF man in a few weeks to ask how long we need to wait before we can progress and if there's more support He might recommend (progesterone injections rather than pessaries perhaps). The rest is all in the hands of fate I guess.
    I wish I could fast forward the next few months to a place where I can sleep better and tears don't flow as freely. I may look at joining a similar group if I can find one here. It sounds like it's been helpful and supportive to you. x
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    I think coming back as a man is a wise idea!!

    Oh that's good that your husband can do that. I'm sure it's helping him through.
    My DH was trying to be strong for me I think so he just never spoke of our daughter or was upset which was hard for me because it was killing me.

    Yes definitely just taking it one day at a time. Looking too far ahead just gets me anxious. It's not just 12 weeks to be 'safe' anymore because it has become so real that clearly you are never guaranteed that you are taking your baby home.

    Oh that sounds like a good start Hun. I look forward to hearing how you go and what the plan forward is for you.

    Do you have facebook? I have a wonderful supportive private group on there if you do xx


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