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    I really enjoyed mat leave. I joined a playgroup when he was 4 months old, I went for me not ds and I loved it, I needed some adult conversation. You can join at any age, I think ds enjoyed getting out and seeing new things too. I can't get back into playgroup at the moment (it's full) and I really miss it!

    I also had a lot of friends on mat leave at the same time so we caught up a lot at each other's places, we would take it in turns. I went to the pool for baby time most weeks too and occasionally I would take him to the library as well. I also joined a mums exercise group for a bit when he was 9 months too. I was out of the house most days. I also also cooked a lot and experimented a bit with meals. My house was also pretty clean most of the time 😂

    I went to full time work when ds was 14 months (after a brief stint of returning to Uni when he was 10 months). I've just dropped back to 4 days and DS (almost 2 now) is just starting his toddler tantrums which is hard! I occasionally wish I could go back to that happy 6 month old easy baby haha! I def could not be a SAHM full time past 18 months I think!

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    Took 6 months off wiht first 9 yrs ago and went back part time 2 days a week and full time by the time they where 3. I was on my own so needed to support us. This time (due next month) I have support and will be taking 12months, also lucky to have paid leave until end of Jan with A/L & L/S. I'll prob go stir crazy as I'm one that needs to keep busy. But I have a house that needs to be finished so will get stuck into that and also I do book keeping for DH's business


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