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    Another thing to consider is portion sizes. My daughter (not yet 4) would happily eat an adult portion size for most meals if we let her. With her, she really enjoys food, and it's a tough balance trying to trust her to know what her body needs and put a limit on portions when it's really getting ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FearlessLeader View Post
    I was coming in to say it could be a growth spurt too. I noticed at that age that DS would chub up and then shoot up, rinse and repeat. That said, I do believe it's important for kids to get lots of fresh air and exercise! I would find a playground that only has 'active' equipment (ie no sandpit and ideally no swings!) and take him there often. I also think walking the hills would be really good for both of you! No need to go for long hikes, but try to walk instead of drive wherever possible. My kids are forced to walk a lot (at least 3k most days) and when I have other kids with us I really notice how fit my two are!
    That's what it's like, just a soft layer of pudge under his skin but it's the first time I've noticed it. Hopefully he's just powering up for another stretch.

    Ah I'd love to be able to walk to school and shops but we live too far from both and if we were to walk it's a horrible walk over main roads and just too stressy with three kids. I have thought of parking further away from school to walk though, but so far we haven't managed to leave early enough to do that.
    Still finding my groove as a mammy of three.

    Quote Originally Posted by Renn View Post
    Another thing to consider is portion sizes.
    This has made me think a little.
    He really doesn't eat big portions.
    It's a battle trying to get him to eat what's on his plate at dinner time
    I've been a bit lax over the past yr with a new baby in the house so there has been a lot of quick easy meals like pasta and toasties.
    Dinners are made form scratch here, but definitely the treat side of things I can (and already have) cut back on.
    Anyway, I need to keep my eye on his health.
    I worry about him a little more because I had GD throughout my pregnancy on him. He was a slightly bigger and longer then the other two (who are skinny minnies) but whether that's because he will be a big man or if diabetes is lurking, who knows yet.
    I hope he's going to be a bigger man, he's got a big head to grow in to


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