Hi all,
A month or so ago, i posted in another thread about delays with my period. I saw my doctor, who organised a blood test (2 weeks ago) and a ultrascan (Thurs last week). During the ultrascan, i was told i actually had a cyst on my right ovary, so im not pregnant. Saw my doctor for follow-up today, as well as taking vitamin D, since im so low (and of Mediterranean heritage - olive skin), i need to take the D for a while. My doctor also gave me a scare to make me feel that im menopausal, in which my spotting was my period. Ive been reading up online that a cyst can stop the flow of a regular period and my gut instinct tells me she is wrong there, but i have a referral to see a gynaecologist.
My query is, what exactly is involved in the first visit, what can they do to help with fertility and are they expensive without health insurance?